About Us

The Apostolic Ecclesia are a community of people who are bound together by a common belief in the Holy Bible.  They believe that the Bible is the wholly inspired Word of God, (2 Tim3:15-17)  and that it contains God’s message, His Good News, which is of the utmost importance and relevance to us today. In a rapidly changing world, we rely and trust in God’s Word to teach us the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and the salvation through Jesus Christ, (Acts 8:12) - the same Gospel preached by the prophets of Israel, the Lord Jesus Himself, and his Apostles. 

As a body of people we strive to the utmost to both practise and teach the doctrines and way of life taught by Jesus, thus we claim the same foundation as those Original Christians. We believe that Jesus Christ is to return to this earth, (Acts 1:11) to establish His Father’s Kingdom on earth, to usher in a time of peace, righteousness, equity and justice for all (Isaiah 2:2-4).

The glad tidings of The Bible is that we need not fear the judgement of God, if we trust in His Word, and obey it, by first being baptised into Jesus (Gal.3:27)for the forgiveness of sins, (Acts 2:38) and becoming his faithful disciples, looking forward in hope to that coming Kingdom.