Our Community

The object of our community is to promote the Truth, the  same Faith that Jesus Christ delivered to His disciples, and to put it into practice into our daily lives. We do this by:

Remembering the Lord Jesus Christ in the breaking and sharing of bread, and drinking of wine together as He commanded. (Luke 22:17-20) This we do on the first day of the week, as practised by the Apostles (Acts 20:7).  We meet in a hired hall, not requiring a special building, for it is people which make a church or ecclesia, not a building. At these communal meetings we celebrate the grace of God through praise offered in hymns and psalms, and through prayers and giving of thanks.

Together we read the Scriptures, as well as personally (2 Tim 2:15), study them regularly (Reading Plan) for instruction, spiritual development, and comfort (1 Tim 4:13).

Every Sunday we support and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom publicly, with Bible Talks on varied and interesting topics, relevant to both daily life, and the wider world, but always based on the Gospel, at the same time taking the opportunity to defend Bible Truth against religious corruption.  Any male member can be asked to speak publicly. (1 Cor 14:34) We have no ordained ministry.

Sunday afternoons, we hold a public Sunday School where interested adults, young people as well as children, can receive instruction on the Bible, following a structured yet tailor made approach.  Focused, yet often fun, the Bible itself is the best Teacher of righteousness. If you want to find out more, contact us.

Every Thursday evening we meet to hold a Bible Class where we have a more in depth look at doctrine, prophecy and the practical application of God’s Word.

We believe strongly in the example of Fellowship which Jesus gave, and His Apostles consistently taught, and so give mutual assistance in time of need. (Gal 6:2).

Our works are supported by all our Brothers and Sisters, as we call each other. (Phil 4:211 Pet3:8) We make no charge for any of our literature, as we believe we should “buy the truth and sell it not”, (Prov 23:23) nor do we ask visitors to contribute financially.  We are not interested in your money, but only the quality of your life!