What's in a Name

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Names & Associations

Examine yourselves whether you are in the Faith.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth…..there is no other name given whereby we must be saved. Many claim to be Christians but words are not enough. Jesus said that some would call him Lord but that he would reply ~ depart from me I never knew you. Labels are only useful if they accurately reflect the reality, otherwise they are confusing in their lie.

There is a true Universal or Catholic Church but it is not Roman in origin or manifestation. Rome has, according to prophesy, persecuted the former Truth Holders to death, she overcame them. History has not identified their name but they are known to the Almighty and they bore His name. We believe they existed because the Scriptures require it. They await the resurrection.

To protest against Papal excesses is not sufficient in itself. No National church is Christ’s Ecclesia, Baptists and Anabaptists may struggle towards truth but being born again requires the truth of the spirit word as well as water. Disciples of Christ must be disciplined by his teachings and commandments or expect to be rejected by him.

After the French revolution the world changed. In more modern times the Body of Christ was resurrected because the gates of gehenna could not prevail against it. A voice from the Altar proclaimed God’s Truth once more to the world. Those who believed the Word were “called out” from the sects and churches of so called Christendom to congregate together around gospel truth once more, forming a happy and united little flock. When war ravaged the New World, the authorities required a name and so Christadelphians was coined from the Greek “brothers of Christ”. However this united state did not continue uninterruptedly. The divine warning “there must be heresies among you” has been sadly manifest in recent times, just as it was in the first centuries of Christ’s Ecclesia.

No longer finding the name Christadelphian sufficiently distinctive, they reverted to that Berean spirit and strove to keep the uncompromised Word with all readiness of mind, looking for the Old Paths that had once prevailed within that Pioneer community but now sadly leavened with mere human reasoning. Having amended their Statement of Faith where appropriate to reflect that which is Central to Bible teaching, they leave unamended their trust in the Father’s providence. They seek to be the true Watchmen as the Ecclesia of Christ, and desire to be found in that number however few, the true Remnant who keep the commandments of God and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Seeking Apostolic Fellowship, they echoing Antipas associate themselves only with those who wish to be Christ’s Companions, even if it means laying down their lives for the Brethren. They now wait for the true Dawn when the daystar shall arise in their hearts at the return of Jesus Christ, the One Master, who will destroy the Antichrist system with the brightness of his coming. He will then make clear who are his Friends; those who are the true Servants of Christ, his obedient Household. To all others who reject the teaching of and obedience to the Holy Scripture in all its parts, his return will not be joyous but sadly with weeping and gnashing of teeth. Those who do not love the Lord let them be Anathema Maranatha ~ cursed at the Lord’s coming. Selah.

Should we wait to see if we are in that number then? Or is it our responsibility now to ensure that Christ is in us except we be reprobates? Thus we seek to be the Apostolic Ecclesia because the Truth reached finality in the teachings of Christ’s 1st century Apostles, when the New Testament was concluded. Alleluia, Amen.